The life & times of an HVAC Engineer

{March 24, 2011}   Read all about it – Read all about it…

Over the last six months I’ve been part of the UKRC & RAEng‘s ‘Ingenious Women’ project, all about developing and publicising the career’s of young female engineers in order to encourage more women to follow our career paths.

So, as part of the project I’ve been unashamedly having my face and my story splattered all over every website that would have me. For your delectation, and in celebration of 2500 visits to my blog, here they all are:

My first foray onto the internet, the website of the Ingenious Women project.

After that I volunteered to be a case study on the careers website of the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board). Be warned, it takes a bit of searching for me on this one, as there is no direct link.

Then I was contacted by STEMNET to be a case study for some of their STEM Club resources.

I was also lucky enough to receive a training grant from Cogent. Since this was a huge help to me I couldn’t say no when they asked if I would feature in one of their articles.

Last, but by no means least I’m taking part in the ‘hidden science app’ where you can get science questions answered. This has led to be being featured on the Science Council’s ‘Future Morph’ careers website, a brilliant resource for any students considering science/engineering careers…or for parents & teachers trying to persuade them to!

I hope you enjoyed them. There are a few more that are still in the making, I’ll post the links to them when I have them.


Hi Chloe,

It was great to have you as one of the engineers on the project. Well done for generating so much profile! The aim was to help all the participants communicate their passion for engineering, and you have certainly done that. HOw about the appearance on ipm????

geekchloe says:

Hi Ruth,

It was a pleasure to be a part of it, and I’m glad you’re still reading my blog. I’d love to include the clip I have of the iPM article I was in, but I don’t have that capacity on wordpress without paying for it (and whilst I’m attempting to buy a house spare cash is not a luxury I have!). Any recommendations for websites with free MP3 hosting would be much appreciated.

geekchloe says:

One more link has arrived with me already! find me on the ‘hidden science’ map, and maybe even add yourself:

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